We all know that recruitment agencies receive hundreds of CV’s and the chances are likely that if you send yours through it will be one of a dozen or two and will in all probability get deleted or thrown out.

The trick is – how to get your CV to stand out and how to get your CV noticed.

Listed here are six hints on how to get your CV to stand out in a crowd:

  •         Grab the attention of the recruiter right from the get-go so that your CV will be looked at more closely.

You need to ask yourself these questions – how bland or how attractive is the layout of your CV?  Be clear and concise, use titles, subtitles and paragraphs, and be smart in the way you lay out your CV.

  •         Get rid of all the fluff and ensure your CV is not cluttered with unnecessary information that is not applicable to the job at hand. This is a professional document and not a social letter – a detailed in-depth story of your life should be avoided because only important details are required. KISS – Keep it simple stupid – should be uppermost in mind when putting your professional foot forward.
  •         Make the job of the recruiter straightforward and easy – ensure they are able to contact you without difficulty. Your contact details should be stress-free to find and should be visible at first glance.
  •         You don’t need to state that this is a Curriculum Vitae – so drop these labels as well as name and address in front of these as they are self-explanatory and if you have done your job well, labels won’t be needed.
  •         Stipulate courses and training, especially if they are relevant to the position you are applying for.
  •         It is important to spell out the experience that you have, particularly if it is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Your CV is your ticket to a new position – make it concise, smart, neat and relevant. This way you are in all probability going to get your CV noticed amongst the crowds.