Life Sciences - Biotech - Healthcare

Life Sciences, Biotech, & Healthcare


Life Sciences, Biotech, & Healthcare

Thriving Life Sciences, Biotech, and Healthcare industries demands top talent for pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, and innovative healthcare solutions.

South Africa’s Life Sciences, Biotech, And Healthcare industries requires talent to meet the rising demand for cost-effective solutions. The pandemic strained the resource-limited public healthcare system. The pharmaceutical sector plays a vital role, but import reliance is high. Consumer spending shifted towards essential items, impacting cosmetics. Digitalisation, sustainability, and personalisation are important trends. The medical devices sector faces challenges but offers growth potential. Local innovation in diagnostic test kits has emerged. Talent and innovation are crucial to address sector challenges and meet evolving consumer needs.

Focus areas:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Medical Technologies
  • CRO (Contract Research Organisations)
  • Healthcare
  •  Life sciences