Talent mapping


Talent Mapping

Gain a competitive edge by accessing distinctive talent through our specialised Talent Mapping service, providing comprehensive market insights for strategic talent acquisition.

In the digital age, accessing distinctive talent pools is crucial for gaining a competitive edge and achieving superior business performance. To strategically and proactively address talent challenges, understanding and interpreting the availability of scarce talent in your markets is essential. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions regarding talent acquisition strategies, solutions, and action plans tailored to your specific needs. Once the groundwork is done, you can swiftly activate your hiring processes when ready.

Talent Mapping is a comprehensive and intensive assignment that demands specialised expertise, resources, and time. It provides a complete mapping of the desired talent segment within the target market. Our Talent Mapping service stands out due to the expertise of our research team and the depth of our market research capabilities.

When you seek a complete understanding of a unique, complex, and scarce talent pool in the market to guide your talent acquisition strategies, we adapt our process to meet your needs. This solution excludes candidate engagement phases and expands the market research phase to encompass a comprehensive target list of companies.

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Distinctive Talent Access

Distinctive talent access is crucial for gaining a competitive edge in the digital age.

Understanding Scarce Talent

Understanding scarce talent availability empowers informed talent acquisition decisions.

Comprehensive Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping offers comprehensive insights into desired talent segments.

Research Expertise

Our Talent Mapping service excels in research expertise and market depth.

Scarce Talent Pools

We adapt our process to provide a complete understanding of unique and scarce talent pools.

Expanded Market Research

Our approach expands market research to encompass target lists of geographies, industries, companies, competitors, job titles, and functional expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Mapping is a strategic approach that empowers your company to understand the talent landscape in your industry and plan for future needs. It’s a proactive method that identifies high potential individuals who could drive your organisation forward, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market. It’s about positioning your company ahead of talent needs, not just reacting to them.

Each industry comes with unique talent requirements and future projections. Our Talent Mapping process is adaptable and is customised to fit your specific industry and company needs. This ensures that we identify and track the right talent pools that can help your organisation innovate and stay ahead of industry trends.

If required, our candidate engagement phases can be added to a talent mapping. Then, a Talent Mapping goes beyond just evaluating a candidate’s skills and experience. It assesses their cultural fit, leadership style, and career aspirations. By having a clear understanding of your company culture, we ensure that identified talent will not only excel in their roles but also resonate with your organisation’s values and ethos.

While both Executive Search and Talent Mapping aim to identify top talent, they serve distinct purposes. Executive Search is focused on filling a current, often high-level position in your organisation, while Talent Mapping is a strategic approach that involves identifying potential candidates for future vacancies. Utilising both services can provide your company with immediate hiring solutions as well as a long-term strategy for talent acquisition, helping to ensure business continuity and fostering innovation.

We understand the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your company’s information. We employ stringent measures including non-disclosure agreements, secure data handling, and privacy-conscious communication techniques. These steps ensure that your company’s information is safeguarded throughout the Talent Mapping process.