Start-up, Scale-up,
Venture Capital & Innovation


Start-up, Scale-up,
Venture Capital & Innovation

We specialise in talent acquisition for the dynamic world of Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, Venture Capital, and Innovation, connecting top talent with growth-oriented organisations.

We prioritise a long-term approach, valuing talent as much as financial capital in organisations. Our focus is on providing the best Start-Up and Scale-Up executives, partnering with early-stage investors and Start-Ups for growth and innovation. We also work with intrapreneurs to drive disruption and redefinition within established companies. African founders with international experience are returning home, contributing to the success of local Start-Ups and attracting investment. Fin-Tech presents significant growth opportunities in Africa, given the low adoption of traditional banking, the tech-savvy population, and the extensive prevalence of mobile phone usage.

While global interest in African Start-Ups is increasing, investing in the right local teams is crucial. The convergence of digital and physical payments is an important consideration in the African context, where cash still dominates trade-related payments. Fin-Tech solutions that cater to both virtual and physical payments and scalable distribution are gaining prominence. Overall, long-term vision, collaboration, and the right mix of local and international experience drive success in the African Start-Up ecosystem.

Focus areas:

  • Technology Innovation
  • Sustainability & CleanTech
  • Healthcare & Biotechnology
  • Fin-Tech & Financial Innovation
  • Future of Work & Remote Collaboration