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  • Financial Services, Banking, & Fin-Tech

    Financial Services, Banking,
    & Fin-Tech

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Navigating the evolving digital landscape of Financial Services, Banking, and Fin-Tech requires a diverse range of talent to drive innovation and adapt to changing demands. The Financial Services Industry in South Africa is undergoing transformative changes driven by technology, evolving regulations, and shifting client expectations. This creates opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and attracting diverse…

  • Technology, Consulting, & Telecommunications

    Technology, Consulting, & Telecommunications

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Our focus is on connecting top talent with innovative companies in the Technology and Telecommunications industry, driving digital transformation through talent. The ICT industry in South Africa promotes innovative and globally competitive companies, emphasising talent and diversity. Creating transitional pathways and skills development strategies is crucial to harness talent and gain a competitive advantage.…

  • Start-up, Scale-up, Venture Capital & Innovation

    Start-up, Scale-up,
    Venture Capital & Innovation

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH We specialise in talent acquisition for the dynamic world of Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, Venture Capital, and Innovation, connecting top talent with growth-oriented organisations. We prioritise a long-term approach, valuing talent as much as financial capital in organisations. Our focus is on providing the best Start-Up and Scale-Up executives, partnering with early-stage investors and Start-Ups for…

  • Industrial


    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH The Industrial industry is seeking innovative leaders who can navigate evolving landscapes and drive growth in a changing global and local market. The industrial landscape in South Africa is evolving due to globalisation, market regulations, and technological advancements, creating opportunities for innovative leaders. The Mining and broader Resources sector shows growth potential but faces…

  • Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Unlocking potential in the consumer goods industry, our experienced consultants build lasting partnerships to identify leaders and specialists. With expertise in Consumer Goods, we source top talent for traditional retail and the evolving online retail sector. This dynamic industry prioritises user experience and efficient order fulfilment. It fosters innovation and adaptability, with major retail…

  • Infrastructure & Construction

    Infrastructure &

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH The Infrastructure and Construction industry requires skilled professionals across various sectors to meet growing demands and drive sustainable development. South Africa’s Infrastructure and Construction sector seeks smarter, sustainable solutions, demanding a new generation of skilled professionals. Challenges include corruption, delays, and economic factors. The government’s infrastructure investment plan is welcomed, but swift implementation is…

  • Energy, Oil & Gas, & Renewables

    Energy, Oil & Gas,
    & Renewables

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Harnessing the power of talent, we specialise in sourcing exceptional talent for the dynamic Energy, Oil and Gas, and Renewables industry, driving positive change and innovation. Our consultants specialise in the Energy, Oil and Gas, and Renewables Industry, connecting top talent to industry leaders and sharing industry knowledge. South Africa’s energy sector faces challenges,…

  • Life Sciences, Biotech, & Healthcare

    Life Sciences, Biotech, & Healthcare

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Thriving Life Sciences, Biotech, and Healthcare industries demands top talent for pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, and innovative healthcare solutions. South Africa’s Life Sciences, Biotech, And Healthcare industries requires talent to meet the rising demand for cost-effective solutions. The pandemic strained the resource-limited public healthcare system. The pharmaceutical sector plays a vital role, but import reliance…

  • Automotive


    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Accelerate your success: Find top automotive talent with Mindcor-InterSearch’s expertise in the dynamic and competitive Automotive industry. Mindcor-InterSearch is an experienced partner in the Automotive industry, specialising in placing leadership and specialised positions. The South African Automotive industry faces challenges such as semiconductor shortages, logistics bottleneck, and rising vehicle prices. Despite disruptions from civil…

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion

    MINDCOR-INTERSEARCH Embracing diversity and inclusion in talent acquisition unlocks innovation and fosters a more inclusive workplace culture for sustainable success. Mindcor-InterSearch is a leading champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, helping organisations embrace the power of differences in age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, and more. Our experienced consultants specialise in sourcing diverse talent and promoting…